Parents & Childrens Problem

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Every parent wants their child to carry their legacy. And they treat their children in the manner in which they were nurtured. To a certain age, children stay close to the parents and this is the easy and also the best time to introduce the child with the conventional values, family believes and own cultural traditions. But at the present scenario, both father and mother are often busy in their hectic professional obligations; they cant give adequate time to their children. They never ignore their child but the young minds are upset when they are unable to get their parents satisfactorily. This emotional gap between the child and parents often result in serious misunderstanding and the child starts ignoring the parents, hiding things from them. Mostly, this situation leads the children in wrong path of life.

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Children may go against their parents opinion or choice seldom, which is quite normal. But they start disobeying or ignoring their parent when they want to go out of your control. But it is never a good sign. So, what are the common symptoms you may watch in your child when he / she are going out of control? We will discuss those now. If you think, your child is having any of those symptoms, ask for the astrological help from the trusted specialist famous astrologer in Mumbai, Pandit Ji.